Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Week in My Life as an Artist

Someone asked me what it was like being an artist. The question got me thinking about what I do in a week to move my art career forward. Well, here is a breakdown.

Studio Time
I try to work in my studio at least one hour a day if not more. During that time, I complete works in progress and/or creating new pieces.

Manage Internet Presence
I maintain an online portfolio site, an shop, a blog, HGTV Share My Craft postings, a Facebook Fan Page, Flickr Page and four email accounts. I check my email accounts daily and respond as necessary. I take photographs of my work and utilize Photoshop to prepare the images for use on my various sites/pages. I take measurements of each piece and write a description. Then, I upload the images with descriptions to my sites/pages. I also research and write postings for my blog.

If I sell one or more of my gourd creations, I prepare the piece (s) for hand delivery or shipment. Each purchaser gets a thank you letter, copyright notice, purchase order, brochure of my work, certificate of authenticity and gourd care instructions.

Special Projects
I work on any one of my special projects. Currently, I am researching alternative exhibit venues to showcase my work. This includes locating a venue, contacting the necessary people to arrange for an exhibition, writing a press release, developing a media list, preparing an exhibition announcement for email and blog promotion, deciding which pieces to show, write labels, frame artwork and organize transport of framed works to and from the venue.

I do general filing and update my email list. I also prepare my Documentation and Provenance form for each new creation. The form includes such items as materials, cost of materials, production time, completion date, title, dimensions, etc. All this information helps me determine the asking price for each piece.

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