Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gourd Growing Diary

I am sad to say my attempt at growing gourds was unsuccessful. I had four plants. Two of the plants never bore any flowers or pepos (baby gourds). One bore flowers only. And, one bore flowers and pepos. The pepos died off within days of their development. I believe the plants did not do well primarily because of a lack of sun. I get less than two hours of sun per day on my patio. Then, my plants were plagued with powdery mildew even though I treated them with organic fungicide.

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Helen said...

Sorry about your lack of gourds... yes, clearly the sun is an issue, but also your gourds were not being pollenated. If you can find more sun, make sure to pollinate with a little brush every evening. One (small variety) plant carefully tended might yield some gourds next year if you kind find more sun.... can you put a support going up and away from your patio? Good luck!